• Members are expected to refer their studies in the form of a publication, project, workshop, symposium or proceeding to LET-IN Research & Development Group. This could be done by stating that LET-IN researchers who conducted the study are members of the group as in the statement “This study has been conducted by the researchers who are the members of LET-IN”.
  • In the course of time, team members in LET-IN-R&D Group might be subjected to replace in other teams considering the amount of contributions they made to the group. 
  • Members are expected to share ideas and bring new initiatives in order to improve the group’s existing research & development activities. 
  • It is vital to keep the harmony, synergy and productivity within the group to maintain membership. Members are expected to attach importance to this matter.
  • There is a risk of terminating membership for the group members who are not involved in activities in favor of the group.